McCain’s challenger from the land of Radio Nutballs

J. D. Hayworth is a large man, and to compensate for his indulgences, he hits the elliptical trainer every morning at 4, zipping along to an incongruous soundtrack of Elvis Costello, Frank Sinatra and old advertising jingles.

Until recently, he would then repair to a local radio station, where he would spend the better part of the day denouncing, in no particular order, illegal immigrants, all things Barack Obama, those who are insufficiently patriotic and, his favorite mark, one John McCain, the senior senator from Arizona.

Now, Mr. Hayworth, a former Republican congressman, is preparing to expand his political appetite for Mr. McCain by formally announcing next week what everyone in this state has known for months: his challenge to the senator in the Republican primary in August.

Mr. Hayworth hopes that by standing at the intersection of opportunity and timing, he can lure enough Tea Party sympathizers fresh off their convention in Nashville, seducible independent voters (Arizona has an open primary) and conservative Republican grass-roots activists, who have long been disenchanted with Mr. McCain…

Still bruised by his presidential run and struggling to find his footing in the fractured Republican Party, Mr. McCain remains a formidable force in his home state, through the sheer power of his name and fat campaign coffers. Most political analysts suggest that Mr. Hayworth begins as the underdog, and Mr. McCain’s supporters say they are confident.

“Senator McCain takes every race seriously,” said Brian Rogers, a spokesman for the senator’s re-election campaign, “and is confident that the voters of Arizona will again return him to office as they have done in the past, and he is working hard to earn their continued support.”

Yet Mr. McCain now finds himself jammed, moving starkly — and often awkwardly — to the right, apparently in an effort to gain favor among the same voters whom Mr. Hayworth, a consistent voice for the far right, could pull toward him like taffy come summer.

Same old, same old. American opportunist politicians, including populist demagogues like Hayworth, satisfy every electoral fear by moving to the right. I imagine that here and there around the world there are lying, scheming politicians who move to the Left a fraction to help ensure election.

In the United States. There is only one way to move to satisfy every bit of spaghetti backbone. Move to the Right. Quote the bible more often. You’re bound to get more of the eedjit vote.

One thought on “McCain’s challenger from the land of Radio Nutballs

  1. zorki says:

    Talk about changing ones clothes or mind is normal to a degree. Changing ones principles and morals is very different, nobody will believe in you any more because they have no idea where one is coming from. Yes they are all desperate people fighting for power any way they can, the globe is full of them, and what a mess they are making of the world with their pathetic deceptions. We may as well say it as think it, is a truth of trust, not popular but true.

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