Mint fires boss over coin typo

Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

Chile’s mint has sacked its managing director after he sent into circulation thousands of coins bearing an incorrect spelling of the country’s name.

The 50-peso coins, worth around 10 U.S. cents each, were issued in 2008 with Chile spelled “Chiie” — an error that was only noticed late last year.

Director Gregorio Iniguez has been fired over a series of issues, including the misspelled coins, which have brought the institution into disrepute,” a mint official told Reuters on Friday, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Yes, if you can find any hang onto them. Screwups like this always appreciate better than the real deal.

2 thoughts on “Mint fires boss over coin typo

  1. zorki says:

    Blimey, action within the banking fraternity, fair enough this is a big issue, the wrong spelling of ones country. That is bad but not as bad as losing billions of whatever denomination of finances. They are all still in place in safe havens, however, where did that money end up, after all, things do not fall off the edge of the earth. Many became very rich individuals, silently of course, using good old deception. Monacco is full of them sailing their boats and hiding in their villas. Well done Chille , Chilly, sorry Chile, no excuse

  2. Cinaedh says:

    “Screwups like this always appreciate better than the real deal.”

    Very true.

    What are the odds Director Gregorio Iniguez has a bunch of them, all in mint condition, so to speak?

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