CNN Congressional Poll: Anti-incumbent fever at record high

Here are 2 retiring senators. Names and parties don’t matter. Both are useless.

Only a third of U.S. voters think that most members of Congress deserve to be re-elected this year, according to a new national poll. That’s the lowest number ever recorded for that question in a CNN survey.

The CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll, released Tuesday, indicates that only 34 percent feel that current federal lawmakers deserve re-election, with 63 percent saying no.

According to the survey, 51 percent feel their own member of Congress should be re-elected — also an all-time low in CNN polling — while 44 percent say their representative doesn’t deserve to be returned to office in November…

This is not a good year to be an incumbent, regardless of which party you belong to,” said CNN polling director Keating Holland. “Voters seem equally angry at both Republicans and Democrats this year.”

Fifty-six percent of people questioned in the survey say that most Democrats in Congress do not deserve to be re-elected. An equal percentage say that most congressional Republicans don’t deserve re-election.

Here’s the details of the poll (.pdf). In my neck of the prairie, we elected 2 Dems as senators. The one returning was the stodgy centrist. The new one has backbone – and a history of environmental and social activism. They’ll both be re-elected.

We got a replacement 2nd generation hack replacing the activist mentioned above in his old House seat. He seems to be bright enough to stay on the side of peoples’ needs. And since the Republicans around here are lining up behind the usual range of hawks and beancounters – including the former commandant of Gitmo – Hack, Jr. will probably catch re-election first time around.

7 thoughts on “CNN Congressional Poll: Anti-incumbent fever at record high

  1. zorki says:

    How strange, two once great democracies having major problems with their elected leaders. The UK, and USA, having no confidence or trust in their authorities. Is a major shake up coming from the people, required by the people, demanded by the people. Will the different parties get their heads together for the sake of the people and countries. Or will there be something far stronger needed to return us to the status quo of real democracies, time will tell.

    • E Trams says:

      “time will tell” and I cannot wait!

      The voter’s gave the Democrats a super majority after the Republicans screwed the super majority.

      It’s time for Obama to come out swinging.

      Otherwise, it shall be the voters that shall swing….and I don’t think it is going to be pretty.

  2. Cinaedh says:

    Well, there’s two more cats who won’t be eating mice anymore (they’re probably full) but unfortunately, instead of electing a mouse to replace them, the mice will once again get a choice between two cats.

    The U.S. system was designed to protect the mice from the cats.

    You know: the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, separation of church and state, checks and balances, an independent judiciary etcetera.

    All of this was designed to prevent royalty and corporations from taking over the country.

    What the hell happened? The U.S. seems to have succumbed to both.

  3. zorki says:

    One more before closure, I quite liked the drive of your man Kennedy. he had passion endeavour and drive for his people and country. Your man Obama gives me hope, because he has the drive and guts of Kennedy. However, like Jack K, who had silent assassins around him, this also appears to be the case for Obama. It is better to have people try to invade ones country, they would have a rude awakening. But internal assassins that’s another degrading story to try to comprehend, somehow for whatever reasons, they dwell within democracies, flush the treacherous bastards out wherever they dwell.

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