“This is my heart, it’s my health, it’s my choice!”

Is that the Premier’s skiff?

With these words, Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams defended his decision to hop the border and go under the knife for heart surgery in Florida.

The minimally invasive mitral valve surgery he needed is not available in Newfoundland, he told his province’s NTV News channel in the first part of an interview aired last night…

But it is available in his home country, a point that cardiologists fervently made last night.

“It’s his body, it’s his money, hopefully, but don’t tell us the operation cannot be done here. It can be done,” said Arvind Koshal, director of cardiac surgery at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute in Edmonton.

Some of the best mitral valve surgeons are in Toronto and Montreal, he said, noting that some even use robots, commonly employed in minimally invasive surgery. The wait times for cardiac surgery in Canada are relatively short, he added, saying such surgery could have been done within weeks…

While Mr. Williams was clear that surgery in his home province was advised against, he was more ambiguous about the Canadian options he explored.

Virtually all heart surgery can be done in Canada, a chorus of cardiologists said earlier this month when they heard about Mr. Williams’s cross-border surgery, a decision that launched a debate about private versus public health care…

From footage taken in the Premier’s sun-drenched condominium last week, Mr. Williams appeared to be the picture of health…

Another politician who’s a walking advertisement for healthcare reserved for those who can afford it. I think the sun-drenched condo had as much as anything else to do with his decision – or should we take Premier Williams at his word?

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