Poll says Health Care Bill positive – by 9% margin

Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

Nearly half of Americans believe the health care reform bill signed by President Barack Obama on Tuesday was a “good thing,” according to a new Gallup poll.

Forty-nine percent of the 1,005 adults polled nationwide Monday said health reform was a “good thing,” compared with 40 percent who said it was bad…

Passage of health care reform was a clear political victory for President Obama and his allies in Congress,” Gallup’s Lydia Saad wrote in her analysis of the survey, released Tuesday. “While it also pleases most of his Democratic base nationwide, it is met with greater ambivalence among independents and with considerable antipathy among Republicans.”

I’m a second generation poll/survey student. I don’t know anyone in the business who doesn’t consider Gallup’s history as anything other than conservative – for decades.

I’m not certain that I’d include Obama’s allies in Congress as getting much of the credit.

Congressional Democrats were damned with faint praise, with 32 percent of respondents saying they did well in addressing healthcare. Twenty percent judged Democrats’ efforts only fair and 33 percent said they did poorly, results indicated.

Republicans earned high marks from 26 percent of respondents; 34 percent said the congressional GOP did fair and 34 percent said the minority party did a poor job on healthcare.

Reads to me like the Democrats suck! And the Republicans suck more!

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