Vatican says Pope and Catholic Church being treated like Jews!

Which religion really has all the gelt?

Pope Benedict XVI’s personal preacher on Friday likened accusations against the pope and the Catholic church in the sex abuse scandal to “collective violence” suffered by the Jews.

The Rev. Raniero Cantalamessa said in a Good Friday homily with the pope listening in St. Peter’s Basilica that a Jewish friend wrote to him to say the accusations remind him of the “more shameful aspects of anti-Semitism…”

That is an amazing copout – comparing assaults by bigots upon a pariah nation – to a religious administration providing safe haven for pederasts.

Thousands of Holy Week pilgrims were in St. Peter’s Square as the church defends itself against accusations that Benedict had a role in covering up sex abuses cases.

The “coincidence” that Passover falls in the same week as Easter celebrations, said Cantalamessa, a Franciscan who offers reflections at Vatican Easter and Advent services, prompted him to think about Jews…

In the sermon, he referred to the sexual abuse of children by clergy, saying “unfortunately, not a few elements of the clergy are stained” by the violence.” But Cantalamessa said he didn’t want to dwell on the abuse of children, saying “there is sufficient talk outside of here.”

Crimes uncovered, admitted after decades of cover-up, should not only be discussed; but, those responsible for shielding and protecting criminals bear a shared responsibility for what was done to innocent children.

Comparing these protectors to the victims of centuries of bigotry and violence is just another part of denial. Especially coming from the church that participated wholeheartedly in that bigotry.

2 thoughts on “Vatican says Pope and Catholic Church being treated like Jews!

  1. Cinaedh says:

    The Catholic church is just a big, multi-national corporation selling…

    …well, I guess they sell imaginary…


    It’s not very often we hold the heads of big, multi-national corporations responsible for their crimes.

    If we did, instead of cheering about banks repaying the taxpayers with interest, we’d be asking why none of the financial industry CEOs went to jail for practically bankrupting the entire world, due to their insane greed and massive stupidity.

    Instead, we sit back and watch them get paid multi-million dollar annual bonuses, as usual, to do the exact same thing all over again.

    Cut the poor “Pop” some slack!

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    We have Phil Donahue blaming the victims for being raped,
    a head of the Boy Scouts blaming the parents for trusting the Scout Leaders,
    and the Catholic Church comparing themselves to the Jews they helped persecute.
    Dick Cheney suggesting water boarding isn’t torture,

    Are there any leaders that accept personal responsibility?

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