Ready for bee venom therapy?

Sami Chugg, 45, was diagnosed with MS in 1998 and it slowly began to attack her ability to move. The incurable disease stops the body’s nerve cells communicating and she was soon so ill she was permanently bed ridden.

But she is now back on her feet after trying a treatment called Bee Venom Therapy (BVT).

The treatment involves holding a bee in a pair of tweezers and deliberately stinging an area of skin on the patient’s body…

Sami says she was stung around 1,500 times in eighteen months and says it has given her her mobility back…

The alternative treatment remains unproven by evidence-based medicine but it has been used to treat other wasting diseases and arthritis…

She said: ”There are three locations we used for the stings, above the shoulders, the middle back, and then the lumbar area. It’s all centred around your spine.

I have no comment on the results from one case – and nothing to compare it to, no eval from double-blinds or placebos. One person believing in their cure is good enough for that person. And for that, I’m glad Sami Chugg is feeling better, reacquired mobility.

Thanks, wok3

3 thoughts on “Ready for bee venom therapy?

  1. moss says:

    NO double-blind, peer-reviewed studies. Fits in the category of apochrypha.

    OTOH, Hitler tried to cure his impotency using the same technique. Uh, different location. Eeoough!

  2. god says:

    What kind of bees do they have in the UK?

    Every variety I’ve run into in the States have a barb on their stinger that permits one use only. The stinger and the venom sac remain attached after it pulls off the bee – killing the bee BTW.

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