Climate scientist James Hansen wins Sophie Prize

U.S. climate scientist James Hansen won a $100,000 environmental prize for decades of work trying to alert politicians to what he called an unsolved emergency of global warming.

Hansen, born in 1941, will visit Oslo in June to collect the Sophie Prize, set up in 1997 by Norwegian Jostein Gaarder, the author of the 1991 best-selling novel and teenagers’ guide to philosophy “Sophie’s World.”

“Hansen has played a key role for the development of our understanding of human-induced climate change,” the prize citation said.

Hansen, director of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies since 1981, testified to the U.S. Congress as long ago as 1988 about the risks of global warming from human activities led by the burning of fossil fuels.

“We really have an emergency,” Hansen said in a video link with the prize panel in Oslo about feared climate changes such as a thaw of ice sheets on Greenland or Antarctica or a loss of species of animals and plants in a warming world…

Hansen said that world temperatures were on a rising trend despite what he called a “well orchestrated campaign” in the past year to discredit scientific findings about global warming…

After years focused on science, he said he started speaking out more about risks of global warming in 2004, reckoning his grandchildren would not forgive him if he stayed silent. His latest book is called “Storms of My Grandchildren.”

“Follow the money” is still a reasonable method of directing attention upon who funds the papier mache skeptics. After all, who profits from maintaining reactionary technology, the ideology of anti-science?

It’s been of parallel interest watching testimony in Congressional hearings about the greedy bastards who caused this Great Recession we’re laboring to overcome. The most frequent criticism was of their short-sighted, short-term view of cause-and-effect relationships. The fossil fuel militia aren’t even that advanced.

6 thoughts on “Climate scientist James Hansen wins Sophie Prize

  1. Nedernoor says:

    What does one expect from a country that awarded a Nobel Prize to two of the other partners in crime, uncle Al and the IPCC. The powers in control here are deaf and blind to the whole AGW scam. And what makes matters worse, the majority of the population doesn’t know or doesn’t care.

    • moss says:

      I was wondering if someone from the eejit bloc would drop by to slander the rest of the world.

      Impressive amount of scientific evidence in your comment.

      • Cinaedh says:

        My search engine returns 42,041 hits for “AGW Scam”. In case anyone else didn’t know (I didn’t), it stands for Anthropogenic Global Warming.

        It seems that’s the corporately approved mantra phrase for both paid and ideologue-based, unpaid shills, spreading propaganda across the Internet for the big energy corporations these days.

        I approve of the “AGW Scam” mantra because now, as soon as I see it, I know for sure I can simply ignore the scumbags and morons spouting it.

        It certainly saves a lot of time and energy, reading nonsensical crap.

        • Algernon says:

          Think about it, that is a damned small number of hits. Must just work for the In Crowd – like some special tea bagger chant at a Sarah Palin rally.

          • Cinaedh says:

            Agreed, to a point.

            That’s only 2010 results and it’s still only April, 2010. I suspect they’re just getting warmed up.

            The “eejit bloc”, who are easy to brainwash into ranting and voting against their own self-interests, probably haven’t even picked up on it yet.

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