Guard runs grandson through security x-ray machine

A security officer at the Valencia County District Courthouse is in big trouble after putting a small boy on the conveyer belt and scanning him through the X-ray machine.

Like all X-ray machines at courthouses, the machine at the courthouse is meant for scanning briefcases, purses, and preventing weapons from getting inside. But last week it was used as a dangerous stunt to impress a 9-year-old boy.

“He had the child lay on the conveyer belt and had him go through the X-ray machine to show him his internal organs.” Says Deputy Chris Trujillo, Public Information Officer for the Valencia County Sheriff’s Office.

Trujillo says once the boy was inside the machine, the security officer snapped a picture of the X-ray image and showed it to the boy…

But the security officer did not do the stunt for just some random boy strolling through the courthouse. Trujillo says it was the officer’s grandson – he decided to show the boy how the machine worked and what the boy’s internal organs looked like…

Parents who have learned about the incident in Valencia County are in disbelief that any adult would do that to a child, knowing the dangers of exposure to radiation.

No charges have been filed, yet. Probably a couple guys already standing in line for the security officer’s job, though.

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