Bush era special counsel charged with contempt

Former U.S. Special Counsel Scott Bloch has been charged with criminal contempt of Congress…

Longtime POGO fans will recall that Bloch was the head of the Office of Special Counsel (OSC), an independent federal agency tasked with protecting whistleblowers from retaliation. POGO and others were highly critical of Bloch for routinely ignoring and dismissing whistleblower complaints, abusing his authority, and turning the agency’s mission on its head by retaliating against his own staff.

The charges filed today allege that Bloch withheld key information from the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform as it was investigating Bloch’s use of a private tech company to delete files from OSC computers. Investigators suspected he was destroying evidence related to allegations that he had used his office for political purposes and retaliated against career staff. FBI agents raided his offices in May 2008, seizing computers and documents belonging to Bloch and his staff. Bloch was forced to resign from the OSC several months later…

Bloch’s other greatest hits include:

Distributing an internal newsletter in which he instructed his female employees to avoid wearing tight clothes, and advised both men and women to wear “conservative watches”;

Assembling a task force to help create the impression that the OSC was engaged in a multi-faceted investigation of the White House, as Bloch himself was under investigation;

Assigning interns to close out hundreds of whistleblower retaliation complaints; and

Ignoring federal air marshals and countless other whistleblowers who were the victims of retaliation.

Though a group of Republican Party hacks stretching back to Watergate days have already founded a “Scott Bloch Defense Fund” it appears that Bloch is going to plead guilty.

I guess even with the defense fund he couldn’t come up with a Dick Cheney-style army of lawyers.

2 thoughts on “Bush era special counsel charged with contempt

  1. E Trams says:

    Even if he pleads guilty, I hope he is made to know the results of all the individual cases that he blew off and the ill effects accompanying them. That way he can think about each and every person’s life that he negatively influenced and caused harm to….perhaps with such reflection he will be punished more thoroughly and with such reflection perhaps there may be greater remedy in the future.

    In my opinion this guy is one of the lowest of the low.

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