Why are Republicans afraid of women?

Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry has vetoed two abortion bills that he said were an unconstitutional attempt by the Legislature to insert government into the private lives and decisions of residents.

One measure would have required women to undergo an intrusive ultrasound and listen to a detailed description of the fetus before having an abortion. Mr. Henry, a Democrat, said Friday that the legislation was flawed because it did not exempt rape and incest victims…

Mr. Henry said that “it would be unconscionable to subject rape and incest victims to such treatment” because it would victimize them again.

Like, uh, Republicans want folks to think they care about anything more than their wallets.

“State policymakers should never mandate that a citizen be forced to undergo any medical procedure against his or her will,” Mr. Henry said, “especially when such a procedure could cause physical or mental trauma.”

Under the ultrasound legislation, doctors would have been required to use a vaginal probe in cases where it would provide a clearer picture of the fetus than a regular ultrasound.

The governor vetoed similar legislation in 2008 but was overridden by lawmakers. The bill was struck down by a judge before it went into effect…

The second bill the governor vetoed was one that would have prohibited pregnant women from seeking damages if physicians withhold important information or provide inaccurate information about their pregnancy.

They all belong to the same country clubs. Can you imagine the shock and horror on the first tee if the state legislature supported rights for women?

2 thoughts on “Why are Republicans afraid of women?

  1. Cinaedh says:

    I could be wrong but I’ve heard all Republican males have tiny little penises and to compensate, they desperately seek power over all other beings.

    When viewing them, even dressed, you can mentally measure the actual size of their wee penises by correlating the amount of power they seek or accomplish.

    With slight variations in motivation, the same correlation applies to Democrats, of course.

    Sorry, President Obama. Sorry, Mrs. Obama. It could be worse. You could be the Bushes.

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