Wake up tired in the morning? Maybe you have Sexsomnia?

Some people sleepwalk; others talk in their sleep. Now a study finds that 1 in 12 patients with sleep disorders reported having had sex while they were asleep.

Researchers reviewed the medical charts of 832 consecutive patients seeking help at a Toronto sleep center and found that 63 patients, or 7.6 percent, reported either having had sex or engaging in other sexual activity, like masturbating, while asleep.

The phenomenon, called sexsomnia, is a form of parasomnia, a disorder in which people who are asleep but in a state of semi-arousal engage in behaviors they are not conscious of. Sexsomnia is defined by the International Classification of Sleep Disorders and may take place during a sleepwalking episode…

The author, Sharon A. Chung, a scientist at the Sleep Research Laboratory at Toronto Western Hospital, says the behavior becomes a problem when it disrupts the normal sleep cycle.

At night you’re supposed to be sleeping,” she said in an interview. “Anything that stops you from sleeping at night is bad — not because of the behavior, because it stops you from sleeping.”

Looking back on my somewhat checkered past, I can say – with a smile of relief – that all the sex I ever experienced when I was supposed to be sleeping was while I was awake to enjoy it.

Drillers feel the eyes of the world, the loss of friends

The news? They can’t watch it anymore. Outsiders criticizing their progress, saying they’re not working fast enough or smart enough — it’s too much to bear.

They understand how awful the situation is. They are, after all, working on the waters where friends and relatives died. Those losses, and the stories they hear from workers who survived the Deepwater Horizon explosion, are with them every day. It’s a weight they carry as the world watches.

These men and women are working to drill a relief well — 16,000 to 18,000 feet below the seafloor, Coast Guard Adm. Thad Allen says. It is the only surefire way to stop the oil that’s spewing into the Gulf of Mexico…

There are fewer than 200 workers on board at any one time. They are marine biologists, scientists, construction and tool experts. They must understand the physics of what they’re doing. Simple hired hands? Not even close…

A woman working at a desk thanks the CNN crew for finally telling the workers’ story. Nearby, on a table, are copies of a special magazine memorializing the Deepwater Horizon workers who died…

On deck, it’s a loud and constant operation. Voices call back and forth, giving directions amid massive equipment that towers above. People operating the drill and two cranes maneuver across the rig in a carefully orchestrated ballet. The incessant drilling brings an endless vibration. There is no idle chit-chat for these Transocean employees, who are working 12-hour shifts, around the clock. It’s intense, serious, focused.

My favorite kind of journalism. “…as seen and told by our correspondant.”

Kyra Phillips offers some of the best reporting from CNN in a long while. Much of the original talent has disappeared to other venues over the decade of “entertainment news” managed by Time-Warner.

She has life on a drilling rig wired. Sounds and looks cleaner and safer than back in my days on the Gulf.

RTFA. Learn something about the reality of those folks busting a gut to stop the spill, save the environment and – oh yeah, save their way of life and working. This is the real memorial to their fallen comrades.

Axcess Ontario brings high-speed broadband to rural New York

Government executives who are curious about the specific projects that are likely to result from the FCC’s National Broadband Plan might want to study Axcess Ontario, the county-established nonprofit deploying a fiber network in Ontario County, N.Y.

County officials met with the FCC, May 4, to explain their broadband strategy. The program, much of which is already implemented, focuses on snaking a 180-mile fiber backhaul throughout all municipalities in Ontario County. Any service provider will be free to extend its network equipment from the backhaul to provide services to homes and businesses.

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Shingles vaccine reaching few eligible patients

Shingles and its painful complication, called postherpetic neuralgia, result from reactivation of the chicken pox virus, which remains in the body after a childhood bout and is usually dormant in the adult. Up to a third of all adults who have had chicken pox will eventually develop one or both of these conditions, becoming debilitated for anywhere from a week to several years…

In 2006, the Food and Drug Administration approved a new vaccine against shingles. Clinical trials on the vaccine revealed that it could, with relatively few side effects, reduce the risk of developing shingles by more than half and the risk of post-herpetic neuralgia by over two-thirds. In 2008, a national panel of experts on immunizations at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention went on to recommend the vaccine to all adults age 60 and older.

In the two years since the vaccine became available, fewer than 10 percent of all eligible patients have received it

Last month in The Annals of Internal Medicine, researchers from the University of Colorado in Denver and the C.D.C. surveyed almost 600 primary care physicians and found that Continue reading

Healthy school wins battle against local fast food joint

Try one of these on for size in Shadwell

A judge declared that Tower Hamlets council in east London had ”acted unlawfully” when it gave the go-ahead for ”Fried & Fabulous” to open for business close to Bishop Challoner Catholic Collegiate School in Shadwell.

The judge said councillors had voted in favour of permission after being wrongly directed that they could not take account of the proximity of the local secondary school because it was not ”a material planning consideration”…

Councillor Peter Golds, leader of the council’s Conservative group, said later: ”This is a very important High Court decision.

”It clarifies the law and sets a benchmark that will enable local authorities everywhere to take account of health and well-being – particularly of schoolchildren – as factors in determining planning applications…”

The school’s executive head, Catherine Myers, wrote a letter describing how the establishment was achieving outstanding examination results by educating ”the whole person”.

Its healthy eating policy meant ”no chips, fatty foods, sweets, fizzy drinks etc are sold on the premises”.

The ruling was a victory for Edward Copeland, who lives opposite the proposed takeaway and brought today’s successful legal challenge.

His lawyers pointed to the potential adverse impact of Fried & Fabulous on Bishop Challoner’s attempt to encourage healthy eating among its pupils.

Here in the freedom-loving American West, golly, I can only think of a half-dozen drive-up greasy food specialists in the middle of a three-school complex in the South Side of Santa Fe.

Give ’em a chance, though. The business community is still developing. And portable food on wheels is allowed on any vacant bit of land.

Including “Los Doggos”

Former casino to be police headquarters

The Detroit Police Department will make its new headquarters at the site of the old MGM Grand Detroit casino, Mayor Dave Bing’s office announced this morning.

The city is in the process of purchasing the 400,000-square-foot building near the Lodge Freeway downtown for the Detroit Police Department, Detroit Fire Department and the crime lab.

The decision will move the police department out of its aging longtime headquarters…

The city will pay $6.32 million for the property on a land contract, Bing’s office said.

“I am glad to finally be able to move our officers into a safe, sound and functional structure that is also citizen friendly and accessible,” Bing said in a statement. “This represents an important step in making our city more operationally efficient … and safe.”

There must be something apt and witty to say about cops and a casino.

All I remember is the cop on the beat in the neighborhood where I grew up getting his cut from the guy who ran numbers.