World’s largest gold coin sells for $4 million

The largest gold coin in the world has been sold for $4m at an auction in Vienna.

The Maple Leaf coin measures 53cm in diameter, weighs 100kg and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

The coin was bought by a Spanish precious metal company on Friday, the auction house Dorotheum said.

The auction had been ordered by the administrator of an Austrian investment group that had gone bankrupt.

The group, AvW Invest, had bought the coin in 2007. It is one of only five Canadian Maple Leaf coins that carry a face value of almost $1million and bears the image of Queen Elizabeth II.

It’s worth more when they melt it down – than the face value.

3 thoughts on “World’s largest gold coin sells for $4 million

  1. gold bullion says:

    $4 million is reasonable for that gold coin. Wow! I want to see it in person. Lucky guys because they had the chance to touch it.

  2. says:

    Remember that investing in gold is not like investing in stocks for which you must consider several factors before buying or selling shares on the grounds that gold prices remain relatively intact, even though big ups and downs in the economy recorded. However, the best time to invest in gold is well before the economic crisis started because once it starts, people will rush to buy gold to protect their capital, leading to a shortage gold.

  3. wok3 says:

    You could never get that coin into a video game, what good is it? Not even sure if they make coin-operated video games come to think of it…

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