Obama launches plan to boost broadband

Tea Party fears of Internet thought control

U.S. President Barack Obama’s plan to free up airways would nearly double the amount of commercial spectrum currently available for wireless devices. The plan would make available 500 megahertz of federal and commercial spectrum over the next 10 years…

Freeing up spectrum would also create jobs by meeting the growing demand for mobile and fixed broadband, spur economic growth and raise funds to build an emergency network for public safety workers, the official said.

Some estimates suggest the next five years will see an increase in wireless data of between 20 to 45 times 2009 levels, reflecting the burgeoning use of smartphones, netbooks and other wireless devices…

“This initiative will catalyze private sector investment, contribute to economic growth, and help to create hundreds of thousands of jobs,” Larry Summers said in excerpts made available in advance of a speech to the New America Foundation.

Under the policy, most of the freed-up spectrum would be auctioned for mobile broadband use…revenues from the auction would provide funding to help build a nationwide mobile broadband network for public safety.

After Hurricane Katrina and other botched government responses, that mobile broadband network was proposed to the Republican-controlled Congress – and got nowhere. Not enough profit guaranteed for the Telco corporate giants – even though Bush would have given it away in lieu of more tax cuts.

The network is overdue. Greater access to broadband is overdue. Anyone think the crew in Congress will back up the memorandum from the White House with anything more than ennui and foot-dragging?

2 thoughts on “Obama launches plan to boost broadband

  1. shooter says:

    “…The network is overdue. Greater access to broadband is overdue…”

    Except in whacked-out Santa Fe, I guess?

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