Student parks his butt in “silver seat”. 66-yr-old woman breaks his nose with her umbrella!

An elderly Japanese woman attacked a student and broke his nose after he refused to give her his seat on a bus.

Tamiko Masuta, 66, the manager of an apartment complex, was arrested after assaulting the teenager on a bus with her umbrella.

According to witnesses, she flew into a rage when the student did not stand up and offer her his place, designated as a “silver seat” for elderly passengers.

As well as striking him with an umbrella, the pensioner kicked the 18-year-old student and inflicted bruising as well as the broken nose…

The incident in Nagasaki is symptomatic of the widening chasm between the generations in Japan, with older people continuing to expect young people to show the respect that is traditional in Japanese society for the elderly. Young people often have a very different understanding of what constitutes manners in Japan.

That’s one way to put it. I see little difference from harassing the dolts who park in spaces reserved for handicapped drivers.

Smack him upside the head, lady. I’ll donate to the defense fund.

3 thoughts on “Student parks his butt in “silver seat”. 66-yr-old woman breaks his nose with her umbrella!

  1. honorarynewfie says:

    Quite right in principle that a fit and healthy youngster should give up his seat, but sometimes disability can be hard to detect.
    As someone with a reasonable working knowledge of Traumatic Brain Injury, due to my having experienced same and now being on the committee of my local Headway group, it might be that the youth in question, although appearing perfectly normal whilst seated, was indeed in some way physically or mentally challenged due to injuries previously received.
    Many sufferers of Traumatic Brain Injuries have no external sign of their condition which, in itself, makes their problems harder for people to understand.

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