Mattel convinces Barbie to sign up to Foursquare

Says something about what constitutes “female” nowadays, eh?

Barbie – the famous Mattel doll that is loved by girls (and boys) all over the world – appears to have taken on a new career, and a starlet and movie maker. And what’s more is that she’s also joined social media website Foursquare, to celebrate the new Barbie Video Girl.

According to Jennifer Van Grove at, Barbie – as a celebrity Foursquare user – will be using the social media service to promote location-based scavenger hunts. She’ll also be using the popular social networking site Twitter, to tweet text, photo and video clues…

The new Barbie Video Girl doll doubles as a video camera, with an LCD screen. It also comes with video editing software. Both the doll and the Foursquare scavenger hunt has showed how Mattel is tuned into the digital and social media world of today.

Ah, tuned-in. As in Hard Day’s Night and the saxophone replacing the guitar as lead instrument?

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