Indonesian Muslims need a new compass for prayers

This way – no, that way – no, this way – no, that way

Indonesia’s highest Islamic body has been forced to apologise to the country’s Muslims after admitting they have been praying towards Kenya rather than Mecca.

Officials in the world’s most populous Muslim country admitted on Monday that they made a mistake when issuing an edict in March saying the holy city in Saudi Arabia was to the country’s west.

The Indonesian Ulema Council, or MUI, has since asked followers to shift direction slightly northward during their daily prayers.

“After a thorough study with some cosmography and astronomy experts, we learned they’ve been facing southern Somalia and Kenya,” said Ma’ruf Amin, a prominent cleric of the MUI.

“We’ve revised it now to the north-west.”

He said Indonesians need not worry, however.

“Allah understands that humans make mistakes,” he said. “Allah always hears their prayers.”

True Believers stand always ready to believe the latest correction of their previously infallible belief – now proven incorrect. It’s part of running your life based on faith instead of reality.

Keep this up and they’re liable to end up cracking their eggs on the big end.

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