Homeless man breaks into abandoned bar – reopens!

Photo from the article about the “reopening”

A homeless man allegedly broke into a California bar and served drinks to unsuspecting patrons all weekend — before police came calling.

The bar, called the Valencia Club, had gone out of business for some time and its liquor license had expired, police said this week.

But the suspect, Travis Lloyd Kevie, 29, somehow got into the California establishment in the Penryn area of Sacramento Valley last week. He reopened the bar using beer he bought from a nearby store.

Kevie allegedly started with a six-pack of beer and used money he received to buy more alcohol. He kept the bar open for a weekend serving about 30 customers a day, authorities said.

He was so successful that a local newspaper did a story about the bar reopening.

This was the follow-up story:

“As Detective Jim Hudson read the morning newspaper he recognized an individual pictured on the front page as a local transient who has had numerous contact with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.”

He went to the bar to determine if Kevie had obtained a liquor license.

“When Detective Hudson arrived at the Valencia Club it was open for business with customers bellied up to the bar. Upon questioning Kevie Detective Hudson determined that he had no connection to the property and he did not have a liquor license,” the department said.

Kevie was arrested Tuesday and charged with burglary and selling liquor without a license…

The true American spirit of entrepreneurship. Or something like that.

As we have previously noted.

One thought on “Homeless man breaks into abandoned bar – reopens!

  1. wok3 says:

    This is pretty funny, kind of feel bad for the guy even if he did bend a couple of rules here and there. Started with a six-pack and went on from there, the American dream.

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