Look! Look! The Barnes & Noble Nook-nook!

Barnes & Noble customers are about to see a lot more of the Nook.

In September, the chain will begin an aggressive promotion of its Nook e-readers by building 1,000-square-foot boutiques in all of its stores, with sample Nooks, demonstration tables, video screens and employees who will give customers advice and operating instructions.

By devoting more floor space to promoting the Nook, Barnes & Noble is playing up what it calls a crucial advantage over Amazon in the e-reader war: its 720 bricks-and-mortar stores, where customers can test out the device before they commit to buying it.

“I think that’s everything,” William Lynch, chief executive of Barnes & Noble, said in an interview. “American consumers want to try and hold gadgets before they purchase them.”

Barnes & Noble has already installed small counters in its stores where customers can test out the Nook. The new display space would be much larger, and it would be located next to each store’s cafe, to encourage customers to stop by the Nook space, coffee or tea in hand. It would also sell more than 100 accessories for the Nook, like padded covers designed by Kate Spade and Jonathan Adler.

While in the store, Barnes & Noble customers can read entire e-books free, just as they can with print books.

My wife thought I was practicing walrus noises while sorting the headline for this post. How many ways can you use “nook-nook”.

2 thoughts on “Look! Look! The Barnes & Noble Nook-nook!

  1. honorarynewfie says:

    Is it just me ?
    Books are made from trees; trees growing helps the planet. It’s a bit of a slow process but if the trees that are used to make books are replaced with new trees (to make future books) then the planet benefits from continual tree growth. Books can also be made from recycled paper (trees).
    All electronic gadgets use up the planet’s resources in order to make them, and they use power. That power has to be generated, either by using mains electricity or batteries. Using power always generates heat, increasing global warming.
    Why are we allowing this to happen, and is there a book on it ?

  2. azrat says:

    That was a very ignorant comment. There is a lot you really don’t understand about how the earths resources work and cycle. This will not impact either of what you discussed. Sorry.

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