What happens when you merge with conservatives?

Joined at the hip?
Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

Support for Liberal Democrats has plunged to just 12 per cent – half the level the party secured in the General Election – according to a poll.

The YouGov survey for the Sunday Times also recorded a steep nosedive in the popularity of the party’s leader Nick Clegg since he became Deputy Prime Minister by taking the Lib Dems into coalition Government with the Conservatives.

Mr Clegg’s personal satisfaction rating was eight points, compared to the spectacular 72 points he achieved in the wake of the first televised leaders’ debate during the election campaign.

The Lib Dems rating was half the 24 per cent the party won in the election and the lowest since October 2007, when Sir Menzies Campbell was forced out as leader…

The poll came after Mr Clegg admitted in a TV documentary that he changed his mind about the need for spending cuts before the election without making his shift public, and after questions were raised over whether he misled Mr Cameron about the offers Labour had made him on electoral reform.

Signs of unrest have also emerged within his party over the coalition’s position on issues like immigration, schools and university tuition fees.

Merge your policies with crap policies – it sticks.

2 thoughts on “What happens when you merge with conservatives?

  1. honorarynewfie says:

    It’s unfortunate for the LibDems that the one time they have a chance to get some power (and start to bust up the two-way tea party that has dogged British politics for so long) is the one time when being in government is a poisoned chalice.
    Given the state of the economy since the bloodsucking bankers screwed the whole world up it doesn’t matter which party (parties) hold the balance of power at the moment. Even if they do a remarkable job, given the conditions, they’ll be wiped out in the next election anyway.

    • god says:

      In many ways, that sounds like the parallel with Obama.

      He had a chance to move the Democrats into action on behalf of the electorate – only they’re so stuck into the mud of their own sell-out history, they couldn’t get past business as usual.

      Which means getting in the way almost as much as Republicans.

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