Philly Tea Party fail outdrawn by Philly Apple store opening?

I’m going to say yes. Based on the the photos and videos I’ve seen of the two events, more people showed up at the Apple store’s grand opening last Friday in Philadelphia than showed up for what was hyped as a national Tea Party rally in Philadelphia on Saturday, which featured speaker Andrew Breitbart.

For the record, the Philadelphia Inquirer put the Saturday Tea Party crowd at 300 (no, that is not a misprint), and reported that Friday’s Apple store opening drew “hundreds.’

Given that fact, it might be time for the country’s political press corps to start asking itself whether the Tea Party really is a national movement if it’s heavily hyped rallies are drawing smaller crowds than computer store openings.

The Tea Party, um, event was billed as a unity rally to show the world how people of color supported America’s leading rightwing nutballs.

Watching the video up top compared to the photos of the teabagger fiasco I Googled, I think Apple had more non-white employees working at the store – than brothers and sisters who checked out the Tea Party rally.


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