Tea Party candidate claims bicycles are a socialist UN plot

Colorado Republican gubernatorial candidate Dan Maes says a Denver bike-sharing program could threaten residents’ “personal freedoms” because it is part of an attempt to control U.S. cities.

Maes said last week that an international environmental group that promotes Denver’s B-Cycle program is part of a “greater strategy to rein in American cities under a United Nations treaty.”

The group to which Maes was referring, the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives, is an association with more than 1,200 communities as members, half of which are in the United States…

Maes made the comments at a rally where he criticized Democratic Mayor John Hickenlooper’s initiative to increase bicycling in the Denver through the bike-sharing program. B-Cycle allows people to use about 400 bicycles at dozens of stations around the city for a daily or monthly fee.

This is bigger than it looks like on the surface, and it could threaten our personal freedoms,” Maes said in comments that were first reported Wednesday by the Denver Post…

Nate Strauch told The Associated Press that Maes was trying to say that the biking initiative is a “gateway program” being pushed by ECLEI on cities that eventually lead to extreme measures, such as the promotion of abortions and population control.

This obviously presents a realistic danger to Colorado residents. Denver’s membership in this heinous plot has only been around for eighteen years.

Anyone feel subverted, yet?

7 thoughts on “Tea Party candidate claims bicycles are a socialist UN plot

  1. honorarynewfie says:

    Reactionary and paranoid don’t even begin to describe Maes’s attitude.
    What “United Nations treaty” ?!
    I’d steer well clear of that guy; he sounds dangerous, to himself as well as others.

  2. Morey says:

    It is humorous. This concept has been around for so long. It’s old.

    What’s sad is that I petitioned with vigor for better conditions for bicyclists in the ’70s and ’80s; and when you read the letters to the editor in local newspapers in various cities, you realize that nobody listens now any more than they listened then.

    • honorarynewfie says:

      Very true.
      One of the problems, of course, is climate. Bikes proliferate in the parts of the world where it never snows. In more temperate zones a cyclist is left with few choices in winter, and public transport systems in general are notoriously poor.
      I guess the keenest cyclists need to move to warmer climes. then they would get the best of both worlds.
      Another problem is that of appearance.
      The guys in the picture are riding a ladies bike. Not something that causes anyone to turn and stare where they come from, but in societies where one is judged heavily on appearance (even down to whether you are wearing the right brand of trainers) they would be laughed out of town.

  3. John says:

    The UN does have a social re-engineering plan to limit personal freedoms in exchange for so-called environmental or sustainability programs for the good of all. Its control freak mandate heaven. So when one looks at the contributions of a well groomed socialist like John Hickenlooper its not about bicycles, its about pure government control over the citizens of Colorado, the “Van Jones” of Colorado if you will. Does Colorado want a ultra leftist as governor to tax, spend and suppress industry and personal freedoms? Not this time around. Coloradans have had enough of that from Washington.

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