Cameron flip-flops on cutting-off milk for schoolkids so fast his ministers can’t catch up!

Please, please, tell him to let go of my cojones, now!
Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

Coalition plans to remove free milk for the under-fives were summarily dropped by David Cameron today amid fears it would remind voters of the “Thatcher milk snatcher” episode of the 1970s.

Cameron moved so quickly that David Willetts, the higher education minister, was on live television defending the idea of removing free milk when the prime minister announced the U-turn, leaving broadcasters to tell Willetts of the change.

The idea of removing free milk had been the brainchild of the junior health minister, Anne Milton, who today received the full backing of both the prime minister and the health secretary. The government expected opposition to the measure from the media, parents, nurseries, childminders and the dairy sector…

However, she added: “This should not prevent us from ending an ineffective universal measure – and this would clearly be the best time to do it, given the state of public finances and the need to make savings…”

But even as the minister spoke, Downing Street was making clear to reporters that the idea would not be going ahead.

When this information was conveyed to Willetts on-screen, he replied: “We have to look at a whole range of options. Of course they have to be looked at on their merits.”

He added: “We have an endless process of assessing options. Of course, it is inevitable that if you go through those decisions some options go ahead and others don’t. That is how decisions are taken.”

Couldn’t find any video, yet, of Willett changing horses in mid-stream. Should be hilarious.

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