French criminals and the short arm of the law

Certainly works OK left of the Channel

France has ended restrictions barring people under 1.6 meters (5’3″) from joining the police force.

The country of Napoleon imposed minimum height requirements for police centuries ago, raising them over the decades as the average size of Frenchmen rose, but the rules have come to be seen as discriminatory.

“Entry into all active categories of the national police is no longer reserved for candidates whose height exceeds 1.60m,” the French Labor Ministry said in a statement.

“From now on the conditions of entry will be linked exclusively to the ability to carry out the relevant duties…”

French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s height is estimated at around 1.65 meters, roughly the same size as French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

Police union Alliance Police Nationale welcomed the move, saying the previous requirements had prevented candidates who were “morally, physically and intellectually” capable of working as police.

France has decided not to change the minimum height restriction for the military – though I can think of circumstances where it might be an advantage to be a smaller target.

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