World’s largest tidal power device unveiled in Scotland

A device thought to be the largest tidal energy turbine to be built in the world has been described by its developer as “simple and robust”.

Atlantis Resources unveiled its AK-1000 at Invergordon ahead of it being towed on a barge to a European Marine Energy Centre test site off Eday, Orkney…The device has two sets of blades to harness ebb and flood tides.

Mr Cornelius told BBC Scotland that the focus of the marine industry at the moment was making the Pentland Firth a huge success in terms of generating electricity from renewable energy devices…

“It is one of the harshest environments on the planet…In order to get a robust turbine we have had to make what we call ultimately the dumbest, simple but most robust turbine you could possibly put in such a harsh environment.”

The AK-1000’s two sets of blades have also been designed to move slowly underwater and Atlantis said they would not pose a threat to sea life…

Atlantis, which has bases in London and Singapore, has been leading a plan to use tidal energy to power a computer data centre in the far north of Scotland…

The computer data centre would provide services for a number of companies and be powered by tidal energy rather than depend on electricity supplied to the National Grid.

I guess this puts the Brits+Singaporeans – and anyone else putting such projects into play – years ahead of that great industrial and engineering giant, the United States.

Between Republicans who prefer to spend taxpayer dollars on their favorite war contractors and Democrats who are happy enough maintaining bureaucratic sinecures, the United States should regain a leadership position in the global economy – never.

One thought on “World’s largest tidal power device unveiled in Scotland

  1. Och aye says:

    “First power drawn from tidal turbines off the coast of Scotland : Tidal power is expensive to install, but has benefits other renewables don’t.” “Earlier this week Atlantis Resources announced that it had placed a tidal stream turbine off the northern coastline of Scotland and generated power for the first time from the 1.5 MW installation. The company plans to install three more turbines next year and use that experience to build out the site to approximately 400MW capacity. (For comparison, a typical coal power plant in the US has 547MW capacity on average.)”

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