Diana Dors Delahaye to be sold

A sports car once owned by the late British actress Diana Dors could fetch up to £4 million at a Californian auction this weekend.

The 1949 Delahaye Roadster, which some have dubbed as the most beautiful car in the world, was given to Dors when she was 17…

Dors, who was seen as the British Marilyn Monroe, died in 1984 aged 52.

Born Diana Mary Fluck, Dors became known as a 1950s blonde sex symbol, but was also well-respected for her acting skills.

RM auctioneers said the car was curvaceous, sexy and flamboyant, just like its former owner…

The car is one of only 150 Roadsters made, and only one of 51 of its specific model – the 175S – and is expected to attract a lot of interest from car collectors around the world.

The company stopped production in 1951 as it found there was little demand for such extravagance during that post-war period.

Yes, I’d rather have the car.

Dealing with risky food-safety behavior In commercial kitchens

How safe is the food we get from restaurants, cafeterias and other food-service providers? A new study from North Carolina State University — the first study to place video cameras in commercial kitchens to see how precisely food handlers followed food-safety guidelines –  discovered that risky practices can happen more often than previously thought.

“Meals prepared outside the home have been implicated in up to 70 percent of food poisoning outbreaks, making them a vital focus area for food safety professionals,” says Dr. Ben Chapman… “We set out to see how closely food handlers were complying with food safety guidance, so that we can determine how effective training efforts are…”

“We found a lot more risky practices in some areas than we expected,” Chapman says. For example, most previous studies relied on inspection results and self-reporting by food handlers to estimate instances of “cross-contamination” and found that cross-contamination was relatively infrequent. But Chapman’s study found approximately one cross-contamination event per food handler per hour…

Cross-contamination occurs when pathogens, such as Salmonella, are transferred from a raw or contaminated source to food that is ready to eat. For example, using a knife to cut raw chicken and then using the same knife to slice a sandwich in half. Cross-contamination can also result from direct contact, such as raw meat dripping onto vegetables that are to be used in a salad…

Cross-contamination has the potential to lead to foodborne illnesses and has in recent outbreaks” Chapman says. “And it’s important to note that the food-service providers we surveyed in this study reflected the best practices in the industry for training their staff…

“This study shows us that each food handler is operating as part of a system,” Chapman says, “and the food-safety culture of the overall organization – the kitchen and the management – needs to be addressed in order to effect change.

Not to wax too philosophical; but, the study addresses essential questions at the root of most social discourse starting with the industrial revolution. Alienated individuals who are socialized by the workplace, set aside from the completion of normal work processes by the “efficiencies” of specialized tasks.

If you can lead people into an understanding, a reasonable feeling of being part of a real team – perhaps you can overcome the inattention and carelessness resulting from alienation.

Please don’t expect that to be easy.

Swede faces $1 million speeding ticket

A Swedish motorist caught driving at 180 mph in Switzerland could be given a world-record speeding fine of $1 million, prosecutors say.

The 37-year-old, who has not been named, was clocked driving his Mercedes sports car at 140 mph over the limit.

Under Swiss law, the level of fine is determined by the wealth of the driver and the speed recorded

The Swede’s car – a Mercedes SLS AMG – has been impounded and in principle he could be forced to pay a daily fine of more than $3400 per day for 300 days.

Well, he danced to the tune; now, it’s time to pay the piper.

F.D.A. approves 5-day contraceptive

Federal health officials have approved a new type of morning-after contraceptive that works longer than the current leading drug on the market.

The pill ella from HRA Pharma reduces the chance of pregnancy up to five days after sex. Plan B, the most widely used emergency contraceptive pill, begins losing its ability to prevent pregnancy within three days of sex.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the drug Friday as a prescription-only birth control option. The ruling clears the way for U.S. sales of the drug, which is already approved in Europe.

Morristown, N.J.-based Watson Pharmaceuticals will market the drug in the U.S. under an agreement with HRA. Watson said it will launch the pill in the fourth quarter.

Studies of ella by its manufacturer showed the drug prevented pregnancies longer and more consistently than Plan B…

Despite this, the drug has drawn criticism from anti-abortion groups…hypocritical liars who would take every aspect of American sexual life back to the 19th Century in BibleVille.

Abortion rights groups hailed the approval as an important step for the FDA, which was criticized in 2006 for its handling of Plan B’s approval…

‘Approval of ella is another indication that the FDA is committed to restoring scientific integrity in its decisions,” said Kirsten Moore, president of the advocacy group Reproductive Health Technologies Project.


But, then, so is pretty much anything that has to get past the Morality Nazis.

Publicity hound pastor resorts to amplified bullhorn to protest demon mascot

The pastor is either afraid of this mascot, or he seeks publicity.
Gee, which do you think it is? Hmmm…

A pastor protesting the Warner Robins High School Demons mascot was arrested picketing outside the school Thursday for the second time this week.

[Pastor Donald] Crosby was arrested Monday outside the school and charged with disorderly conduct and picketing without a permit, both misdemeanors, after he refused to comply with officers’ requests to leave, Pugh said. He was released on a $650 bond.

Thursday, Crosby had a permit to picket. However, the city’s separate noise ordinance prohibits the use of the bullhorn while on a public street, sidewalk, city park or other public place, City Attorney Jim Elliott said.

“You can go out there, but you can’t be heard,” said Crosby, who opposes the mascot because, he says, demons represent evil…

Crosby was among at least 30 people picketing, Pugh said. She said police did not have a problem with the number of people picketing and that the other picketers continued after Crosby’s arrest.

According to the Warner Robins police report, officer Steve Edward Warmack arrived at the high school shortly after 7 a.m. to find about 30 to 40 people picketing the mascot at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and South Davis Drive, which the report noted was outside of the area designated by the permit…

Crosby was using an “amplified bullhorn to shout across the street” at the principal and about 50 students who were standing outside of the school, the report said.

What do you do in a world in which the church is crumbling beneath its own uselessness, and you can’t help but remember the glory days?

Thieves use their boobs to distract hapless boob!

Police in France are looking for two attractive female thieves who bared their breasts at a man at a cashpoint to distract him before stealing his money.

The women in their 20s exposed themselves to the victim as he punched his pin code into an ATM machine in Paris.

As he stared at one, the other then withdrew 300 euros from his account before the pair fled with the money.

The incident was captured on CCTV at the cash machine on Paris’s Left Bank, but the women could not be identified, a French police spokesman said.

“We would advise anyone withdrawing cash from a machine to focus on what they are doing and not allow themselves to be distracted, however attractive the view,” the spokesman added.


Commission for nanny state scrimping – shut for squandering!

The Audit Commission, the body responsible for tackling public waste, has become the most high profile victim of the Government’s war on the bloated public sector after being accused of squandering taxpayers’ cash.

Ministers stepped in to abolish the £200 million-a-year body following a decade of “shocking” excess which culminated in staff enjoying days out at the races and life coaching at public expense.

Officials are also accused of allowing a nanny state culture to foster, which saw local government being forced to abide by an unnecessarily bureaucratic tick box culture.

With a senior echelon of officials dominated by Labour sympathisers, councils were issued with “best practice” dictats relating to how often to collect rubbish, and ordered collate “meaningless” information about residents’ religious beliefs…

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph…the Cabinet minister blamed the Audit Commission for “rigging” the system to force the introduction of unpopular fortnightly bin collections across Britain.

He is also highly critical of the excessive culture within the Audit Commission, with six-figure salaries for its executives and junkets for staff…

The Commission, set up by the Conservatives in 1983, employs more than 2,000 people and has a budget of more than 200 million pounds a year. It has previously launched outspoken attacks on those criticising its work.

If the commission was as thoroughly organized into the morass of elected officials and lobbyists we have here in the States, nothing more than cutbacks on stationery and stamps would have resulted.