Commission for nanny state scrimping – shut for squandering!

The Audit Commission, the body responsible for tackling public waste, has become the most high profile victim of the Government’s war on the bloated public sector after being accused of squandering taxpayers’ cash.

Ministers stepped in to abolish the £200 million-a-year body following a decade of “shocking” excess which culminated in staff enjoying days out at the races and life coaching at public expense.

Officials are also accused of allowing a nanny state culture to foster, which saw local government being forced to abide by an unnecessarily bureaucratic tick box culture.

With a senior echelon of officials dominated by Labour sympathisers, councils were issued with “best practice” dictats relating to how often to collect rubbish, and ordered collate “meaningless” information about residents’ religious beliefs…

In an interview with The Daily Telegraph…the Cabinet minister blamed the Audit Commission for “rigging” the system to force the introduction of unpopular fortnightly bin collections across Britain.

He is also highly critical of the excessive culture within the Audit Commission, with six-figure salaries for its executives and junkets for staff…

The Commission, set up by the Conservatives in 1983, employs more than 2,000 people and has a budget of more than 200 million pounds a year. It has previously launched outspoken attacks on those criticising its work.

If the commission was as thoroughly organized into the morass of elected officials and lobbyists we have here in the States, nothing more than cutbacks on stationery and stamps would have resulted.

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