Diana Dors Delahaye to be sold

A sports car once owned by the late British actress Diana Dors could fetch up to £4 million at a Californian auction this weekend.

The 1949 Delahaye Roadster, which some have dubbed as the most beautiful car in the world, was given to Dors when she was 17…

Dors, who was seen as the British Marilyn Monroe, died in 1984 aged 52.

Born Diana Mary Fluck, Dors became known as a 1950s blonde sex symbol, but was also well-respected for her acting skills.

RM auctioneers said the car was curvaceous, sexy and flamboyant, just like its former owner…

The car is one of only 150 Roadsters made, and only one of 51 of its specific model – the 175S – and is expected to attract a lot of interest from car collectors around the world.

The company stopped production in 1951 as it found there was little demand for such extravagance during that post-war period.

Yes, I’d rather have the car.

2 thoughts on “Diana Dors Delahaye to be sold

  1. edmund raphael-beldowski says:

    Although I am not a car enthusiast, the Delahaye is a hugely beautiful car, in quite the most extravagant manner. It was well worthy of its beautiful owner, who had a wonderful personality and a heart of gold, as all those who knew will substantiate.
    The car, like the memory of its first owner, will never grow old

    Ed. Raphael

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