Publicity hound pastor resorts to amplified bullhorn to protest demon mascot

The pastor is either afraid of this mascot, or he seeks publicity.
Gee, which do you think it is? Hmmm…

A pastor protesting the Warner Robins High School Demons mascot was arrested picketing outside the school Thursday for the second time this week.

[Pastor Donald] Crosby was arrested Monday outside the school and charged with disorderly conduct and picketing without a permit, both misdemeanors, after he refused to comply with officers’ requests to leave, Pugh said. He was released on a $650 bond.

Thursday, Crosby had a permit to picket. However, the city’s separate noise ordinance prohibits the use of the bullhorn while on a public street, sidewalk, city park or other public place, City Attorney Jim Elliott said.

“You can go out there, but you can’t be heard,” said Crosby, who opposes the mascot because, he says, demons represent evil…

Crosby was among at least 30 people picketing, Pugh said. She said police did not have a problem with the number of people picketing and that the other picketers continued after Crosby’s arrest.

According to the Warner Robins police report, officer Steve Edward Warmack arrived at the high school shortly after 7 a.m. to find about 30 to 40 people picketing the mascot at the corner of Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and South Davis Drive, which the report noted was outside of the area designated by the permit…

Crosby was using an “amplified bullhorn to shout across the street” at the principal and about 50 students who were standing outside of the school, the report said.

What do you do in a world in which the church is crumbling beneath its own uselessness, and you can’t help but remember the glory days?

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