Bees trap deputy inside car for 3 hours

Tuesday was anything but a routine day for Deputy Brandon Jenkins, who spent three hours in his patrol car after nearly 50,000 honeybees decided to park on it.

The Wake County Sheriff’s Office officer had responded around 9:40 a.m. to a call of a person possibly being attacked by bees. He found a disabled truck on U.S. 64 a few miles east of Raleigh, North Carolina. Behind it was a trailer holding 60 boxes of bees.

The truck driver, who was headed for Rocky Mount, had been hauling the bees at night, when they are quiet and not apt to fly. He spent a couple hours after daybreak trying to get someone to tow the trailer and his truck…

That’s when Jenkins, 31, pulled up 50 yards behind in his Dodge Charger. By then, the day was beginning to warm…

Eventually, the vehicles were towed off, leaving him still in his Dodge. “I was told that usually when a truck starts moving, the bees will follow behind.”


The insects spent the next three hours crawling over the vehicle, especially on the trunk and side panels. “At some point, it was hard to see out of the windows,” said Jenkins.

Heatherly, a hobbyist, and Keller, a honeybee technician at North Carolina State University, went to work. “They got a little testy,” said Heatherly who, like Keller, was not wearing a protective body suit.

They used smoke on the bees, which Keller says “masks their communication,” and a spray bottle of sugar water. The sticky mix makes it harder for the bees to fly and they concentrate on grooming themselves rather than attacking humans…

Eventually, the beekeepers brushed the bees onto a piece of plastic and then into a hive box.

Keller and Heatherly between them were stung only three or four times. Jenkins said about six bees got in his patrol car. He dispatched a couple when “they got too close to my personal space.”

Mind your own beeswax, I always say.

2 thoughts on “Bees trap deputy inside car for 3 hours

  1. Mr. Fusion says:

    Sweet !!!

    The bees foiled the police sting with one of their own.

    Sometimes “buzz off” just doesn’t work anymore.

    “To bee or not to bee, …” Well, hee wass.

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