Bobby Fischer’s last laugh… Now leave him the f*ck alone

“Hello again…”

A DNA test has determined that the late chess champion Bobby Fischer is not the father of a nine-year-old Filipino girl, her lawyer has said.

The Supreme Court in Reykjavik had ordered Mr Fischer’s body exhumed to prove whether Jinky Young was Mr Fischer’s daughter.

However, lawyer Thordur Bogason said the report “excluded Bobby Fisher”.

The US-born chess player died in Iceland in 2008 but left no will. His estate is estimated at $2m (£1.4m).

“The DNA report excluded Bobby Fisher from being the father of Jinky Young, and therefore the case has come to a close,” said Mr Bogason.

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Jinky: “OK, mom, so just who the hell IS my father?”

One thought on “Bobby Fischer’s last laugh… Now leave him the f*ck alone

  1. moss says:

    Now, I get to do the BITD routine…

    This may be the self-assigned land of liberty; but, not if your individualism takes you a jot away from conformity to media and political norms.

    That conformity doesn’t bring any increase in safety or security; but, I guess people feel that the further back they blend into the crowd in the middle of the cave, the safer they are from monsters.

    Especially those that exist only in their imagination. What little they may have.

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