Mexican drug gangs training “hit babes”

A Mexican drug gang is hiring pretty young women to carry out killings to surprise its enemies, a suspected member of the vicious La Linea gang said in a video.

Around 30 women aged between 18 and 30 years have learned in recent months to carry out killings accompanied by hitmen, and most have killed people, suspect Rogelio Amaya said during a interrogation by federal police. The video of the interrogation was made public on Tuesday.

They’re pretty, good-looking, to help mislead opponents,” said Amaya, the suspected member of a gang of enforcers for the Juarez cartel in the country’s most violent city of Ciudad Juarez.

The women operate in the same way as men and carry both light and heavy weapons, the suspect said.

The revelations came as Mexico’s drug battles leave a trail of blood and fear across the country, particularly in Ciudad Juarez.

At least 18 suspected drug-related deaths were reported between Monday and Tuesday in Ciudad Juarez.

Right. I do not visit Ciudad Juarez – for any reason – anymore.

Pay someone you don’t like to cross the Rio to shop for you.

3 thoughts on “Mexican drug gangs training “hit babes”

  1. Darin Miner says:

    Dont let the pretty looks deceive you, women are vicious and it is probably easier for them to kill than men because pretty women are usually so self centered and only think about them self’s and money and ways to get it. I have yet to meet a Mexican woman who was sincere in the heart and thought nothing about inflicting pain on some one they thought of as competition or an enemy. These women will make the cash doing this and then charge the members of the gang they work with even more money for being as skanky as their mothers taught them how to be. Greed and money is all these women live for, they hide behind the looks and play innocent when in most cases they are the ones who cause the problems at hand. We should brand them, a mark on their noses that indicates they are whores and now contract killers, let the people who deal with them see before hand what kind of girls they really are.

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