What will John McCain prove, today?

Anyone remember this?

1. Conservatives, Tea Party nutballs and even moderate Republicans mostly like the same lies. It doesn’t matter if they are lies. What the lies are may count a little bit – but, when it comes to cant and catechism, repeating today’s favorite lies gets you the votes.

2. When opposed for re-election by right-wingers, move as far to the Right as you can get away with. And, then, a little bit more. Don’t leave out bigotry. Everyone will forget you ever had a moderating position on any issue if you lie and say those positions never existed.

3. Deny you ever were a ‘maverick” – supported bi-partisan solutions to tough questions – ever strayed from bible-based hogwash on any of the issues where you might choose science and reason over superstition.

4. Doing all this gets you victory in today’s Republican primary in the great state of Arizona.

2 thoughts on “What will John McCain prove, today?

  1. god says:

    Your prediction was right on the money.

    And speaking of money, it appears it still is easier than ever to buy an election in American political primaries.

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