MI6 officer murdered, stuffed into sports bag, left in his bathtub

Forensic investigator on the scene

The private life of an MI6 officer who was murdered at his home close to the UK’s foreign intelligence service headquarters is being investigated by Scotland Yard detectives. The body of Gareth Williams was stuffed in a holdall and dumped in his bath.

Williams is believed to have been killed two weeks ago. His body was badly decomposed when his two-bedroom, top floor flat in Pimlico, central London, was searched by police after colleagues raised the alarm. A postmortem examination found that he had not been stabbed, as had been reported earlier, but the cause of death has yet to be established. Further tests, including analysis of his blood for evidence of drugs and alcohol, will now take place.

When police entered his flat they found Williams’s body, a mobile phone and several sim cards laid out in a ritual manner.

The 31-year-old was on secondment to MI6 HQ from the government’s eavesdropping and communications security centre GCHQ in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. He is believed to have been advising MI6 on secret communication techniques. Many technical staff at Cheltenham spend time advising MI6 and MI5…

Officers from Scotland Yard’s homicide and serious crime command are leading the inquiry, which sources said pointed to the fact that Williams’s intelligence work was not believed to be linked to his death. “National security” seemed to be the least likely of any issues connected with the death, said a Whitehall official…

His former landlady, Jenny Elliott, 71, said he had lived in a flat in her house near Cheltenham for 10 years. He told her he worked at the Foreign Office.

She said he had been due to move back into her house in 10 days after spending a year in London. “He came to live with me in a flat on the side of my house when he started to work at the Foreign Office. He was with me for about 10½ years and then he moved out a year ago. He was due to come back to me on 3 September…

“This awful thing is happening and Gareth was a lovely man, very well-mannered and very likeable. He was very clever and had been to Cambridge and had a very important job at the Foreign Office. Although he didn’t belong to me, I was quite proud of him. It’s like losing one of my own children…

I could remark about American media not knowing the difference between MI5 and MI6; but, the average American doesn’t know the differences between our own FBI, the CIA and NSA.

So, I’ll just watch and read. No doubt, investigative minds will be turned to this mystery.

2 thoughts on “MI6 officer murdered, stuffed into sports bag, left in his bathtub

  1. scott ryan says:

    he was killed by his own people 100%.

    he had a big mouth & played so called half top secret taps loud, so people could her next store.

    he was killed by the CIA @ mi or both 100%

  2. scott ryan says:

    i don’t get it, you can have a big mouth, but when on the books for say, you must shut it or be killed.

    someone so smart, but in the end dum. he had his chance.

    its not the fact that there was no sigh of entry / new the killa, its the sign of his life and what could of been if he did not fuck up, WHY IN POWER AND NOT A NOBODY .

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