Class president? Whites only at this Mississippi school!

Children running for class officer posts at a Mississippi public school are only allowed to compete for certain positions based on their race, according to a memo handed out last week to students.

The Nettleton Middle School elections are divided between offices pegged for black and white students, according to the memo, which was provided to TSG by a parent. The document was handed out to every student in the school’s sixth, seventh, and eighth grades, and it details the race requirements for each of four class officer spots (president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and reporter).

Of the 12 offices for which students compete, eight are earmarked for white students (including the three class president spots), while four are termed “black” seats. Middle school administrators have not returned TSG phone calls, so it is unclear how this policy was established, or whether the number of offices apportioned for each race changes annually. Additionally, it is unknown how children who are not black or white would run for student government offices.

Students seeking class office were directed to return their election applications, complete with the petition signatures of 10 classmates, to science teacher Jenny Payne by August 24. The Nettleton middle school has about 400 students, and about 72 percent are white, according to a source familiar with the school board’s operation. The majority of the remaining students are black.

The city of Nettleton has a population of 2013 and is located 15 miles south of Tupelo, the birthplace of Elvis Presley. The middle school’s policy was first reported this week by Suzy Richardson, who operates Mixed and Happy, a blog about mixed-race families.

Suzy Richardson is to the point over at her blog – as we all should be. Email the presidential-wanna-be Republican governor of Mississippi, Hayley Barbour – – and tell him to get his butt on the phone to the racist fools running the schools in Nettleton. Tell them to join up with the United States of America.

One thought on “Class president? Whites only at this Mississippi school!

  1. Jack Futerman says:

    I am a Canadian. The best research has proven that humanity originated in Africa. We are all Africans. Some of us left earlier and moved north. As sunlight decreased the darker skinned humans’ offspring could not make sufficient amounts of Vitamin D so their bones were chronically soft. They perished during the hunter gatherer phase of our shared development. The lighter the emigrating African’s skin was the better that parent’s offspring would be able to have strong bones and thrive. Why this is not made a mandatory part of the teaching curricula is beyond me. It would end the idiocy of racism once and for all for future generations of students schooled in this proven fact.

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