Dumpster diver gets dumped into garbage truck

Photo by Jamie Rogers

A 37-year-old man picking items out of a dumpster was seriously injured Thursday when the dumpster was emptied into a garbage truck in Vancouver’s West End.

The binner was in serious condition in hospital with broken bones and severe bruising. He was rescued after several people heard him crying for help when the truck was in the 800 block of Cardero Street.

The man told police he was in a dumpster near Burrard and Davie streets when it was picked up by the truck, a distance of about 16 blocks from where he was rescued.

Police said garbage collection continued, which means he had a number of additional dumpster-loads of garbage dumped on him as the Waste Control Service truck followed its route through the West End.

Vancouver police Const. Jana McGuinness said a woman who heard the man’s cries ran into the lane off Cardero Street to alert the driver, who immediately stopped, called 911 and opened the back of the truck…

The driver was so shaken he booked off work after the incident, said Waste Control Service manager Jeremy Crawford, adding that to his knowledge, it was the first incident of its kind involving the company.

Police investigated the incident as a “casualty call” and did not lay blame, calling it an accident.

Climbing into a dumpster regardless of motivation is reasonably dumb. If you know anything about where you’re scavenging, you should know that drivers work alone – and dumpsters are designed for automated pickup.

No one is going to climb up top and peer inside to see if it’s clear of scavengers. Whether they’re people or rodents.

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