Republican “Young Guns” tell the Tea Party truth

Reps. Eric Cantor (R-VA; 47 years old), Paul Ryan (R-WI; 40 years old), and Kevin McCarthy (R-CA; 45 years old) have authored a self-aggrandizing new book set to be released next month titled “Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders.”

The book’s marketing campaign comes with a comical ad trailer, featuring a lofty soundtrack and soaring accolades (“They are ready to make history. Together, they are ‘The YOUNG GUNS!’ Innovative, energetic, forging new solutions.”)

All the egotistical self-praise from the “young guns” was too much for former Republican congressman and MSNBC host Joe Scarborough. He and his crew incessantly mocked the new marketing campaign, debating whether it was a “parody.” “Never make up your own nickname,” cautioned co-host Willie Geist. Scarborough joked that the three congressmen “were” the future of the Party until their latest ego trip. Calling the ad “awful,” Scarbrough said it was “the worst idea ever.”

Hotline reports that House Minority Leader John Boehner (R-OH) receives only 3 mentions in 191 pages. Former President George W. Bush “earns just 4 references, the same number as TN 08 candidate Stephen Fincher (R)…”

Recall, Ryan’s “roadmap” includes privatizing Social Security and Medicare, while at the same time repealing the estate and corporate taxes. The Ryan roadmap would lose $2 trillion over a decade, while requiring 90 percent of taxpayers to pay more, according to an analysis by the Citizens for Tax Justice.

This is the truth of Tea Party politics. It just happens to be a sect within the Republican Party for a change. But, the lemmings who try to run and hide in the 19th Century – or earlier – are perfectly willing to screw retirees, working people, students and families to save their idols in corporate America from paying their share of taxes.

Along the way, if they can manage to diminish any opportunities for minorities – as defined by skin color, religion or sexual preference – all the better.

2 thoughts on “Republican “Young Guns” tell the Tea Party truth

  1. moss says:

    These creeps hate working people with such a passion, they’re delusions of superiority are only matched by their fear of knowledge, fear of access to knowledge.

    They must hate the Web almost as much as they hate free public schools.

  2. PAPatriot says:

    Eric Cantor is the epitome of what is wrong with the GOP. Budget-busting wars, no action on illegal immigrants, in favor of giant, job-outsourcing global corporations, and for the Wall Street bailouts. If the GOP keeps him in leadership after this election they can forget my vote in 2012.

    He’s not a “Young Gun”, he’s old news. Time to turn the page.

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