This TV advert is banned in Australia

I have no doubt it would be banned in the United States.

Would it banned where you live? Should your elected government have the right to ban advertisements just because of the topic they suggest for discussion?

And should you have the right to end your own life with dignity?

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2 Responses to This TV advert is banned in Australia

  1. ..this is a really tough question, yet we put our pets down if we think they are suffering more than having a quality of life…….

  2. Mr. Fusion says:

    It wouldn’t be banned in the US because of First Amendment rights. Finding TV stations that would show it might be different.

    My father decided to forgo any further treatment after discovering his colon cancer was terminal. He entered hospice and other than morphine, was given no treatment. He did what he wanted to do. Our family respected his decision and if he had of chosen something quicker, we would have supported him then too. The government be damned.

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