Resident who fought back against gang wins in court

A vigilante resident who was sued after firing a catapult at local troublemakers has been vindicated by a judge.

Bruce Harwood, 38, claimed he was forced to take matters into his own hands after the gang of teenagers waged a campaign of “constant bombardment” against him and his neighbours in a Grade II listed Georgian townhouse.

He told how the youngsters urinated on his front door, hurled eggs at his windows, screamed, shouted and vandalised his gates.

When the police allegedly failed to act, Mr Harwood, an electrician, decided to try and “scare them away” himself.

He fired several metal ball-bearings at his tormenters from a catapult, injuring three of them and causing nasty swellings to their groins and legs.

The injured trio then sued him for damages, demanding a total of £3,600 compensation for their injuries after he pleaded guilty to actual bodily harm.

But Judge Gareth Hawkesworth threw out the claims at Cambridge Crown Court, ruling that the teenagers “brought this very much upon themselves.”

Mr Harwood…claimed the police were frequently called but rarely bothered to turn up and never made any arrests.

Golly – do you believe that could happen, that coppers might be so preoccupied with a donut break that they wouldn’t respond to a citizen’s call for help?

“When you have 15 or 20 hoodies screaming and shouting I had to figure some way of getting them out. I was scared they’d get into the building,” he said after the hearing…

Not that I’m complaining about my own local policing. We’re pretty fortunate in having an honest, aggressive Sheriff here in Santa Fe county, recent years.

Of course, with the infinite wisdom of lazy-ass voters, term limits prevented him from running for re-election when a third term would have been a walkover. His assistant will takeover the office, soon, and we hope he will maintain the same standards.

Yes, I tire of lazy whiners who fear the results of democracy.

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