Schoolkids deserve better than junk food – Congress says NO

Your kids deserve better. Because Congress failed to pass the Child Nutrition Bill last week, unhealthy school lunches will remain unhealthy.

While the bill wasn’t perfect, it would have created stronger nutritional standards and provided more money for the school lunch program — adding six cents per lunch for the first time in 30 years. This was the first step on the long ladder to fresh food, and now it’s a missed opportunity.

Among other things, this bill would have banned the junk food that is served in schools and competes with the fresh food your kids need. Eating this junk every day will take 10 years off their lives and cost you a fortune — adding thousands of dollars to the family health care tab…

Over the last two years, more than 700 advocacy groups have been working to get these important changes written into law. Yet Congress could not bring enough support to pass the bill. Do members not value the health of America’s kids..?

If this bill doesn’t get passed when Congress comes back in November, then it’s going to be another five years before we have another shot at fixing these regulations. Five years is too long to wait. Without this legislation, school food will stay in the Dark Ages of nutrition and your kids are going to suffer. They deserve better.

Congress has denied funds sufficient to add just one apple to children’s meals.

It wasn’t the Party of NO, alone. Though their opposition to anything shy of funding global thermonuclear war is predictable.

Nope, liberal Dems who said they resented the plan’s funding from the budget for food stamps provoked their resistance. I guess they’re incapable of rewriting a bill that needs broader, more progressive riders. That’s the excuse, anyway.

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