Apple trademarks ‘There’s an app for that’

Last year, Apple filed for a trademark on its buzz-worthy phrase, “There’s an app for that,” which was used in a commercial for the iPhone.

Last week, the trademark was granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The trademark award was reported by TUAW, The Unofficial Apple Weblog.

As writer Brian X. Chen of noted on Monday, the phrase has become an easy joke whenever mobile phones are discussed, and a hearty crutch for tech writers writing about a new application for the iPhone or other smart phones.

As he notes, the trademark won’t stop that…

The slogan has been used by Apple to hammer home what the company feels is a major advantages over its smart-phone rivals. The Apple App Store has more than 250,000 apps for the iPhone, iPad and iPod — more than any competitor.

Yup. I haven’t an iPhone or iPod; but, I love my iPad. I’m happy enough with the couple dozen apps I have on it – half of which I use on a daily basis – that I only check into the Apple App Store about once a month to see if there’s anything new to tempt me.

Of course, since I’m not a gamer a significant portion of what’s new ain’t going to be tempting, anyway.

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