British national Scrabble champion happens to be transsexual

A Scrabble fan who only began playing five years ago after discovering it online was yesterday crowned as the game’s British national champion after beating a four-time winner.

Mikki Nicholson, 32, won a nail-biting contest against Mark Nyman, who has claimed more than 20 major tournaments including the World Championship, with the 86-point word “obeisant” (respect), in the cliffhanger fifth game.

Nicholson said she caught the Scrabble bug after discovering the word game on the internet, but admitted ahe still went for days without laying a single tile.

“It was a big challenge but I wouldn’t have entered if I didn’t think I had a chance of winning,” said the transsexual from Cumbria, who was wearing a pink wig, matching plastic pvc dress and lipstick during the final, held in London…

Nicholson, who will now spend the ¬£1,500 prize money on a trip to Malaysia to compete in December’s Causeway Scrabble Challenge, said the game required someone intuitive and good with numbers.

“People think Scrabble is just about words but it’s the numbers that win the game, so a sound mathematical brain is an advantage,” she added.

I wonder if she’ll be allowed into Malaysia to compete. After all, that nation practices theocratic bigotry as national policy. Like many others.

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