Will top Mumbai politician resign over housing scandal?

Mumbai’s top politician has offered to resign over a housing scandal in which top military chiefs and associates of Congress Party leaders were allegedly allocated exclusive flats in an apartment block built for war heroes and widows.

Two of the Congress-led Indian government’s most senior ministers, Pranab Mukherjee, the finance minister and AK Anthony, the defence minister, are heading an investigation to establish the role of Ashok Chavan, Maharashtra’s chief minister, in the affair.

The allegations centre on ownership of flats in a 31 storey block built by the Adarsh Housing Co-operative on Cuffe Parade, overlooking the Arabian Sea, in one of Mumbai’s most expensive neighbourhoods.

It was built on land believed to be illegally-occupied by India’s security forces, but construction was permitted on the grounds that war widows and heroes of the Kargil War would be the beneficiaries.

Last week two former army chiefs and one retired navy chief announced they had acquired flats in the development but denied they had known they were intended for war widows. They have subsequently said they would give up their apartments.

Anyone surprised?

One thought on “Will top Mumbai politician resign over housing scandal?

  1. E Trams says:

    Reminds me of the politicians in Santa Fe, New Mexico who stole a house from an elderly gentleman. That is just one of their scams that I am aware of… The couple have a very long, over a decade, history of scandals and frauds. Displacing people from their homes is a frequent pattern when looking at, what I believe, is their ongoing criminal activity. Simply reviewing the combined court activity of the two, joined politicians reveals their abuse of New Mexico’s Judiciary. I believe that, in itself, is also criminal behavior/activity.

    Combined over thirty plus court cases with an untold number of appearances, obviously submitted false police reports, public scandal after scandal after scandal but never prosecuted. hmmmmm.

    I wonder how many lives this couple has ruined with their lies distortions setups and other assorted criminal activity….that seemingly has no end in site.

    “Reality is when it happens to you.”

    I believe the other criminal activity that I mention includes but is not limited to: extortion, forgery, misuse of government resources, numerous Election Code violations, several DWIs, several animal abuse citations, making terroristic threats against subpoened witnesses who have already testified, using the United States Postal system to threaten individuals, several examples of perjury under oath, issues involving color of law and racketeering.

    Did I mention all the bankruptcies?

    I will submit other examples as I recall them.


    False impersonation.

    Mental cruelty.

    Conspiracy to commit a crime(s).

    [edit: multiple comments combined]

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