Hyper-texting teens more likely to smoke, drink, have sex

All that texting and social networking by teenagers could come back to byte them.

A new study by the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine links poor health behaviors — including smoking, drinking and sexual activity — to hyper-texting and hyper-networking.

The study defines hyper-texting as sending more than 120 messages a day. Hyper-networking is spending more than three hours per school day on social network sites like Facebook, it said…

The startling results of this study suggest that when left unchecked texting and other widely popular methods of staying connected can have dangerous health effects on teenagers,” said Scott Frank, lead researcher on the study. “This should be a wake-up call for parents to not only help their children stay safe by not texting and driving, but by discouraging excessive use of the cell phone or social websites in general.”

“Startling” – my Aunt Hilda’s aspidistra!

The researchers say the results of the study are so striking that they are giving rise to a new health risk category for the age group.

The study is not the first time texting and social networking have come under fire. The activities have been blamed for accidents and promoting bad grammar skills…

Although, teachers complained about poor grammar before the internet too.

Cute tagline. And that’s all this article really is about. Let’s blame technology for screwed-up personalities.

I watched the interview with Dr. Frank, this morning. As much as the interviewer tried to steer him into sensationalizing a reasonably boring study – he wouldn’t fall into the trap of saying the study made any conclusions about cause-and-effect relationships.

No doubt people will scare themselves over evil cellphones changing their otherwise perfect children into dissolute criminals. This mostly looks like a study that measured yet another symptom of neurotic children. Probably with neurotic parents.

That’s not genetic. That’s about where you hang out.

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