Federal judge pleads guilty to drug charges

A federal judge pleaded guilty Friday to two counts of drug possession and another charge, admitting he had paid a stripper to buy drugs for the two to use together.

Senior U.S. District Court Judge Jack Camp Jr. admitted to giving money to a woman to buy drugs, according to prosecutors.

He pleaded guilty to two counts of drug possession, federal prosecutors said. He also pleaded guilty to one count of conversion of government property for giving the woman a government-issued laptop. As part of a plea deal, Camp did not plead guilty to a firearms possession charge included in the initial federal complaint…

Federal prosecutors accused Camp of giving Sherry Ann Ramos, 26, money to buy drugs including cocaine, marijuana and roxicodone, which the two then frequently used together.

FBI agents arrested Camp on October 1 after he tried to buy drugs from an undercover informant.

The judge is spending time reflecting upon the “uncharacteristic nature of his actions.” Seems absolutely characteristic of some of the judges, police chiefs and respected senior politicians I’ve known over the years.

Japan’s newest well-qualified police dog

A “Peach” of a police dog
Daylife/AP Photo used by permission

Meet Japan’s newest police dog — all 3 kg of her.

In what is a first for Japan and perhaps the world, a long-haired Chihuahua named “Momo” — “Peach” — passed exams to become a police dog in the western Japanese prefecture of Nara.

The brown-and-white, perky Momo was one of 32 successful candidates out of 70 dogs, passing a search and rescue test by finding a person in five minutes after merely sniffing their cap.

“Any breed of dog can be entered to become a police dog in the search and rescue division,” said a Nara police spokesman…

Momo will be used for rescue operations in case of disasters such as earthquakes, in the hope that she may be able to squeeze her tiny frame into places too narrow for more usual rescue dogs, which tend to be German Shepherds.

Good for you – little Peach.

Farmer busted for deworming ducks with marijuana

Plain brown duck dewormed – and transformed

A French farmer has been given a one-month suspended jail sentence and fined 500 euros for feeding his ducks marijuana to rid them of worms.

Police arrested Michel Rouyer after they discovered 12 cannabis plants and about 5kg of the drug during a visit to his home after a theft.

Mr Rouyer said there was “no better worming substance” for ducks and that his flock was in excellent health…

Mr Rouyer, who lives in the village of Gripperie-Saint-Symphorien on France’s Atlantic coast, did also admit to smoking some of the marijuana.

One would hope so. Why should the ducks have all the fun?

A walk of fame for George the robot

45 years later, George the Robot and Tony Sale

One of the UK’s earliest humanoid robots has been unearthed after spending 45 years stored in a garage. The robot’s creator, Tony Sale, talks about how George came about.

Rationing during and after World War II gave rise to the make do and mend ethos that saw many people exercise their ingenuity to feed and clothe themselves.

Some, such as Tony Sale, took the scavenging attitude far beyond simply unravelling woollen socks to help patch a pullover.

In 1950 Mr Sale, then aged 19, created a robot named George out of scrap metal that came from a crashed Wellington bomber.

Pilot Officer Sale, as he was then, was stationed at RAF Debden where he was employed to teach pilots how to use radar…

Remarkably, George was not the first robot that Mr Sale had built. In fact, he was the fifth incarnation of a mechanical man that the young electronics wizard had put together.

Creating any kind of working robot in the early 1950s was an incredible feat, especially as Mr Sale was under 20 at the time. The version he produced then has a claim to be among the earliest humanoid robots built in the UK…

He went in to my garage and stayed there for 45 years,” said Mr Sale.

It was there he stayed until Mr Sale got a call from researchers putting together the BBC TV programme Wallace and Gromit’s World of Invention. At their prompting, Mr Sale dug George out to see what condition he was in,

“It was still standing in the garage,” he said. “I had a fair degree of confidence that he would work again.”

“I put some oil on the bearings, added a couple of new lithium batteries, switched him on and away he went,” said Mr Sale.

Bravo! My kind of geek.

Thank you, GM Larry Evans: 1932-2010

Chess Grandmaster Larry M Evans dies

Larry Evans, a five-time United States chess champion and prolific writer … died Monday in Reno, Nev. He was 78.

Mr. Evans, who lived in Reno, died of complications of gall bladder surgery….

Though Mr. Evans was a grandmaster, he was best known for his writing; he had a syndicated chess column for decades and wrote more than 20 books….

Mr. Evans was an editor of the 10th edition of “Modern Chess Openings,” Continue reading

Predict your infant’s sexuality – by checking their poop!

With the help of babies and more than 5,000 of their diapers, Emory University researchers have developed an accurate, noninvasive method to determine estrogen levels in infants.

The method, previously used in nonhuman primates, will allow researchers to learn more about the association between estrogen levels in human infants and their long-term reproductive development as well as the development of sex-specific behaviors, such as toy preference or cognitive differences. What’s more, the method will also allow researchers to look at how early disruption of the endocrine system affects long-term maturation, a growing concern among researchers and physicians.

Surprisingly little is known about hormone levels during human infancy. Previous human research has focused on the measurement of hormones in blood, urine and saliva. The new data are the result of using fecal samples collected from cotton diapers. With this novel approach, the researchers successfully measured the fecal levels of estradiol, a type of estrogen…

“The development of an assay to measure estrogen from diapers might initially strike one as unnecessary or strange, but the need is real,” says Sara Berga, MD…

“These observations are the first report of human infant fecal estradiol levels and they provide a new tool for investigating early human development”, says Michelle Lampl, PhD, MD. “Because infant diapers are plentiful, fecal samples can be collected frequently and over a long period of time. Future longitudinal studies will allow the association between fecal levels of steroids and physiological measures to be assessed, and expand our understanding independent of serum measures.”

And moms will love you for taking the samples away.