Fart-proof underwear absorbs offensive odors

We’ve looked at plenty of breakthroughs in wind technology over the years here at Gizmag, but maybe none so beneficial to mankind as 4SKINS underwear. Taking the idea behind the Better Marriage Blanket to the next obvious level, this new underwear is made from odor absorbing fabric that soaks up offensive gases so you won’t have to blame that nostril burning stench on the dog.

Unlike the Better Marriage Blanket, which traps “flatulence molecules” in a layer of activated carbon, the 4SKINS underwear uses Neutralizer technology from California-based company, Nano-Tex, which builds “odor-eliminating nanotechnology” into the fabric’s individual fibers. This technology attracts, isolates and neutralizes odors on the fabric as well as any passing through.

Because the fabric is able to breathe naturally, not only will those around you be able to breathe easier, so will your nether regions. Unfortunately, the underwear isn’t soundproof though, so it will be most effective against SBD (silent but deadly) emissions.

The 4SKINS underwear line is the brainchild of Australian entrepreneur Gilbert Huynh…“We took to the design stage determined to create the most comfortable pair of undies on the market and figured nothing is more uncomfortable than the moment when you can’t contain your gas…“

And a special mention to the person who came up with the 4SKINS tagline of “Keep it in your pants.” Kudos sir or madam, kudos.

I don’t know if it’s opportunism or he knows something we don’t; but, so far, the absorbent underwear is only available for men.

Are women telling the truth when they say, “My farts don’t smell”?

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