Catholic Church leaps forward into the end of the 19th Century

Sitting here – healing up from an abscessed tooth and a root canal – it wasn’t especially assuaging to get this cartoon by the great Luckovich in an email from KB. It really hurts when I smile.

But, it’s funny as all get out.

24 thoughts on “Catholic Church leaps forward into the end of the 19th Century

  1. David says:

    You do realize that the Pope said nothing about condoms being ok for contraception? Also that he did not approve condoms for general use, but was making a point about which is the lesser of two evils?

  2. god says:

    No sense of humor, dude.

    Up through the 18th Century, condoms were most often used to prevent catching STDs. That’s about where the pope is at.

    Wasn’t until the 19th Century that widespread use of condoms for contraception caught on – and became affordable for working people.

        • keaneo says:

          God created sex?

          It is to laugh. This True Believer not only doesn’t comprehend anthropology, he skipped biology, evolution and practical ethics.

          • David says:

            Because in most societies, when there’s no gender or mixed gender, you get male pronouns.

            You folks really need to stop thinking in human terms when it comes to God.

          • keaneo says:

            It’s boring watching a True Believer making up definitions on the fly. Can’t you come up with something new and clever – rather than trite?

            We all realize you’re stuck with making up fairy stories to rationalize books and ideology made up centuries ago – by humans BTW; but, falling back on semantics to cover outdated conventions is even less than boring. It’s juvenile.

          • David says:

            Why do you think that the books are ‘fairy stories made up centuries ago’, and how would their age have any bearing on whether they’re true or not? The fact is, we have more proof that the Bible today is what was written than we have of any of the ancient classics. We also have proof of their truth. Much of it is outside of the Bible.

          • moss says:

            Fairy stories were made up to assuage the fears of tribes with a Stone Age knowledge and understanding of the real world. That you choose to limit your comprehension to fables and myth is your right.

            You add nothing of value to your own life or the rest of our species or – for that matter – this planet if you limit your knowledge to dead ends. The age of Reason has passed you by.

            If that is adequate to your standards, so be it. Humans are capable of more and better”

          • David says:

            Oh, so eye-witness accounts which have been corrorborated by outside sources are now ‘fairy stories’?

            What I add to our species is the knowledge of life after this life. The way of the ‘age of reason’ is the way to eternal death.

          • evinrude says:

            Look at the post that provoked this silly discussion.

            A reactionary, paternal, misogynist body that hasn’t brought anything of value to humankind in centuries – if it ever did. That church’s incompetence in science is surpassed by its failure at aiding society.

            More so than most peers in organized religion, the Catholic creed is an embarrassment to those who gain sufficient education to walk away.

          • David says:

            You don’t know the meaning of those big words you use.
            “Haven’t brought anything of value to humankind in centuries…” Hmm, the modern school system, the theory of evolution, the twelve-step program of alcoholics anonymous, the modern legal system, the idea that women and children aren’t the property of men, the abolition of slavery in most of the world, the Big Bang theory, and yes, I can go on.
            Your idea that the Church is incompetent in science proves your ignorance. The Church is not in existence to show how the heavens go, but how to go to heaven. Even so, most scientific advancement since the time of Christ came from the Catholic Church, in fact, more so than any other civilization.

    • David says:

      Actually, up through the 18th Century, sex out of marriage was tne exception, rather than commonplace. Certainly, it happened, but it wasn’t as wide-spread as it is now.
      The point is, what’s sex for? Why did God create sex? The answer, as in all of nature, is to procreate. Man has the added benefit of pleasure. So sex, for man is for pleasure and to procreate. Remove either of those, and it becomes a sin.

  3. Morey says:

    The genius of a good political cartoonist isn’t just the cartoons that he draws, but the characters that he draws out.

    • eideard says:

      Guys, you’re not going to succeed in teaching anything to a dedicated member of one or another religious sect. Reason, history, scientific fact roll away like water off a duck’s back.

      There is no discussion of material vs ideal philosophy or reality as recorded and analyzed by science that means anything here – even down to a discussion of ethics where many religious folk, of course, offer sound opinion.

      Do not feed the troll.

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