Chinese passenger train sets new record = 302 mph

A Chinese passenger train hit a record speed of 302 miles per hour on Friday during a test run of a recently completed high speed link between Beijing and Shanghai.

It was the fastest speed recorded by an unmodified conventional commercial train. Other types of trains in other countries have travelled faster.

State television footage showed the sleek white train whipping past green farm fields in eastern China. The 824-mile-long line is set to open next year, 12 months ahead of schedule. It will cut journey times between Beijing and Shanghai from the current 10 hours to under five hours. The line is expected to carry 80 million passengers a year.

The project costs ¬£21 billion and is part of a government effort to link many of China’s cities by high-speed rail and reduce overcrowding on heavily used lines…

The drive to develop high-speed rail technology rivals China’s space programme in terms of national pride and importance. Railway officials say they want to reach speeds of over 500kph.

Here in New Mexico, we finally have the beginnings of useful local rail, bringing tourists as well as commuters through the north-central part of the state. It’s only a start – albeit one that utilizes modern roadbed and rail technology. And the critters run on biodiesel.

But, don’t worry about advancing too far, too fast. We have a shiny new Republican governor and she wants to halt the railroad, rip out the rails and sell them for scrap iron. The Beancounter Religion never really looks more than a couple of quarters out into the future.

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