Get an iPhone 3GS for FREE this Friday only – UPDATED

Earlier this week we reported that Radio Shack had an awesome iPhone deal this week only…however Best Buy plans to call Radio Shack’s bluff and raise it twenty by offering a free iPhone 3GS. The catch is that it’s for one day only… Friday, December 10.

While little is known about the deal for the moment, the free 8 GB iPhone 3GS “giveaway” applies to new accounts, additional lines and qualified upgrades. Reports claim that Best Buy brick-and-mortar outlets have stocked up to the neck to support the promotion. There’s also no need to worry about fronting the $99.99 and getting the money back later as a debit card, as it will be an instant, on-the-spot rebate.

There’s speculation that AT&T is experimenting with pricing in regards to the deals with both Best Buy and Radio Shack, determining which promotion would have a greater turnaround. In either case, hopeful AT&T clients would need to sign the typical 2-year (ball and chain) contract. Those purchasing the iPhone for the first time might find Best Buy’s deal a bargain whereas those looking to trade up might prefer Radio Shack’s incentives instead…

For those looking to get an iPhone 3GS with AT&T, the carrier offers three data plans: DataPro 2 GB for iPhone with Tethering @ $45.00/month, DataPro 2 GB for iPhone only @ $25.00/month and DataPlus 200 MB for iPhone @ $15.00/month. AT&T also charges a one-time activation fee of $36.00, and monthly plans (including messaging) could cost as little as $45.00 before tacking on the data package.

I’m still looking around the Web to see if anyone has more skinny on the deal[s]. I don’t own an iPhone – I’m happy enough Skypeing on my iPad – but, it might be tempting if I could use one on some sort of prepaid plan.

UPDATE: Wandering through Best Buy’s website, it appears they’re offering the same freebie deal on a boatload of smartphones. Rock’n roll!

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