Palestinian firefighters OK to enter Israel to fight forest fire – but, not allowed to attend ceremony honoring their deed!

OK to pass through the checkpoint to fight a forest fire
Daylife/Getty Images used by permission

Israel’s refusal Tuesday to allow four Palestinian firefighters to cross the border from the West Bank to attend a ceremony for their role in putting out the country’s largest-ever fire has prompted a torrent of criticism.

Ahmed Tibi, an Arab member of Israel’s Knesset who helped organize the ceremony, said he was shocked when when he received a call from one of the firefighters, informing him that he and three others were being denied entry into Israel because of security concerns.

The ceremony was to salute 11 Palestinian firefighters who were among the many foreigners volunteering to help Israelis put out the worst fire in the nation’s history. The blaze killed 43 people this month.

The ceremony, which was being held in the northern town of Isifya, near where the fire began, was canceled in protest of Israel’s decision.

The Israeli government office that oversees the crossings with the Palestinian territories issued a statement expressing “regret” over the incident but asked that “a fuss” not be made.

For its part, the Palestinian Authority government was quick to lambaste Israel in a statement, asking why “the same Palestinian firemen who where permitted to enter Israel last week to put the fire out are not permitted to enter today to be honored?”

The egregious thugs in charge of the Israeli government are without peer since the days of South Africa’s apartheid dictatorship. They prattle about democracy and freedom. They open their arms to men willing to risk their lives battling the nation’s worst-ever forest fire.

The firefighters’ bravery is rewarded by being banned as security risk.

Cripes, I didn’t think it possible; but, the Israelis are more corrupt than Congress.

One thought on “Palestinian firefighters OK to enter Israel to fight forest fire – but, not allowed to attend ceremony honoring their deed!

  1. god says:

    Israel truly matches all the symptoms and sickness of the “good ol’ days” of Jim Crow in Dixie.

    They have become one of our species worst examples of how easily bigotry can become institutionalized and accepted by the “good people” as easily as those who work at corruption and exploitation.

    Our government is equally guilty in its unquestioning, fawning support.

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